Does it Really Work?

Yes, we know some of the claims we make can seem too good to be true, but our claims have been validated through many tests and studies (which we continue to conduct), also thousands of happy growers can't be wrong. In 7 years of testing, the lowest documented result with proper use has been an increase in yield of 12%!

How Does it Work?

AgroGiant BioWave Machines dilate stoma on leaves through the use of subsonic, harmonic frequencies generated by the spinning of the machines rotors. The aggregate effect of the rotor construction, materials, speed, and a few other proprietary factors create this frequency which dilate the plant's stoma. This allows the plants to photosynthesize (breathe) more effectively bringing the plants to their full potential which results in higher yields and nutrient metrics. Some of this is elaborated upon in the Science section of this site.

OK, I can see how it will help the plants grow, but then how does it effect insects?

Many insects use low-frequencies to communicate, it is believed the low BioWave frequencies disrupt these normally open communication pathways. It has been observed, that many invasive insect populations stop breeding around the machine, and show signs of disorientation. This coupled with the fact that plants within range of the machine, are photosynthesizing more effectively lends itself to a healthier plant which is much better at defending itself. It has also been observed to have little-to-no effect on bees and ladybugs.

Why can't I just replicate the frequency with a speaker?

Many have tried, all have failed. The frequency is subsonic, the speaker technology does not exist to properly replicate our frequencies. Even if it did, the effective range would not be comparable to an AgroGiant unit, there would also be a fidelity loss in trying to create a facsimile as compared to having the real unit. Save your time and effort; get the real thing. 

I have a lot of expensive equipment and people in my growing area should I worry about these things being effected?

Our machines, and their frequencies have no measurable effect on humans, although long hair, children and women should be kept away from active machines as a precaution to avoid an injury caused by the spinning rotors. Lights, music, and equipment will not be effected by the unit.

If I run the unit 24 hours a day, I should get even better effects right?

No. Like anything in the plant world, moderation is key. Plants can get too much sun, too much water, too many nutrients, and also too many waves. The manufacturer recommended usage is 2-hours a day during light hours for the 9000, and 3-hours a day for the 9200. Spread out in even segments of 15-30 minutes throughout the day. For example, if you had a 9200 unit being used in a setting where there is 12-hours of light a good program would be 15-minutes on, 45-minutes off, every hour for 12-hours. The machine has no effect in darkness. Overuse, can stress out your plants and void your warranty due to excessive wear.

I need to order a lot of units but can't afford all of the money upfront, can you guys offer me credit?

We don't offer credit, but we do have a leasing program, visit our leasing section to learn more.

Will this machine need regular maintenance?

Your machine will be pretty self sufficient, but it will need light greasing every 3-4 months to keep things running smoothly.