AgroGiant manufactures and distributes BioWave machines which increase yields and Brix by stimulating wider opening of plant stomata by means of low frequency sound waves. The plants absorb more CO2 and take up more nutrients which lead to 15-20% average higher yields.

 BioWave machines have been tested extensively all over the world by universities and private researchers for 6+ years. Many of these results are shown in the Science section.

BioWave machines produce low-frequency sound waves mechanically; by utilizing counter-rotating stainless steel cages. There are no speakers or electromagnetic waves emitted from the BioWave.

The frequencies of AgroGiant products are harmless to humans, animals, and bees. Some smaller insects (mostly pests) that communicate by low frequency sound have been shown to be affected by BioWave frequencies. It doesn’t kill pests, but they tend to move far away from the machine as possible and reproduce at a much slower rate.

BRIX and other nutrient variables have been shown to increase in many crops including an extensive 6 month test on tomatoes done in New Zealand by Dr. Lynnette Morgan.

Biowave machines are patented in the USA, China, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia and patent pending in 38 other countries.

All machines can be leased, on approved credit and come with a 1 year warranty.

some of What We've Achieved

  • 7 years of successful testing
  • Shown in grow operations on 60 minutes (2012)
  • Shown in grow operations on VICE (2014)
  • AlwaysOn's 9 leading companies (2011)
  • Thousands of satisfied customers