DI 9200- Next Generation Greenhouse Model

The DI-9200 attaches to ceilings or cross bracing via adjustable ratchet pulleys. The "9200" is plug-and-play all you need is a timer and a wall socket. One machine will cover up to 1 acre and is constructed of sleek stainless steel with polycarbonate components. The 9200 is capable of running on either 110V or 240V and draws only 30 watts while operating (machine can be made to run off battery and solar panel upon special request). The machine comes with a 1-year limited warranty on parts and labor. 
Dimensions- 34" x 11" x 11" Weight- 20 lbs.

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DI 9000- Next Generation Farm model

The DI-9000 is stabilized and mounted to the ground via four support legs. The "9000" comes with a preset timer that is set to the timezone it was sold in for optimal results. One machine will cover up to 10 acres and is made of high-grade stainless steel and aluminum. The 9000 is solar assisted and runs off of a 12V battery (not supplied), AgroGiant is capable of modifying the unit to run on either 110V or 240V  (upon special request). Machine is powder-coated and weatherized for outdoor commercial-grade farming. The machine comes with a 1-year limited warranty on parts and labor. 
Dimensions- 60" x 20" x 20" Weight- 73 lbs.

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DL 1000- Mini model

Biowave DL-1000 is the most advanced sonic growth induction system, using a proprietary frequency methodology that is scientifically proven in lab environments. This compact system is powerful and can increase growth performance by up to 15% – the system also repels harmful insects.
Installation is simple!
The DL-1000 attaches on to the ceiling with ratchet pulleys or has legs that permit the unit to stand on a table or any flat surface. This is a Plug & Play system that can operate autonomously, just plug into any standard wall socket using a 24 hr. timer and let the Biowave machine do the rest.
One Biowave-mini will cover 500 sq. ft. Unit will run on 110-240V. One year comprehensive warranty on parts and labor. Draws 20 watts. Waves are contained by sheetrock and other dense materials so they are concentrated in the growing area.
Dimensions – 23″ x 12″ x 12″; Weight – 18 lbs.

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